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Angels – Constructing Reconfigurable Space

I’ve finally got round to recovering interactive architecture dot org and I’m pleased to be able to get back to blogging by introducing my most recent research into Constructing Interactive Reconfigurable Space. Collaborating with Paul Burres a fellow student of mine at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) we created the ‘Angels‘ Project as a way of investigating more closely some ideas that grew out of a building proposal we put together earlier this year.


The ‘Angels‘ project questions the nature of fixed architecture and looks at the possibilities of an architecture lighter than air capable of sheltering us and even bringing communities together. Acting as either individual agents or flocking together to create large architectural constructs, they inhabit the world around us both within buildings and outdoors creating dynamically responsive architectures in real-time.

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Our current iteration has a simple set of behaviors reacting to human gesture, proximity and conversation, future iterations will investigate learning algorithms so that the Angels can adapt to their environment. In its current form the “Angels” act as individuals but the potential for these to structurally network is a continuing part of our investigation.  


Our investigation additionally explored suitable forms of notation to express interaction in space. Initial drawings described the motion paths of the Angels and Inhabitants and were later followed by notation that correlated statistical data. Using the Angels onboard Vision System transmitted wirelessly to a local computer we processed real-time data of conversation space using a piece of software we developed in MaxMSP Jitter that generated formal representations to support our recording and notation of the interactions that occurred. These projections also provided an added form of feedback when projected into the conversation space. 

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  1. Great to have things back to normal. I’ve missed the entries on this site.

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