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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Bernardo Varela


Bernardo Varela

Bernardo is an Audio Visual Effects Artist with an extensive experience in commercial and experimental projects. Working in both VFX industry and Experiential art installations/ mixed media projects. One of the founders of Moleculagem Collective, a brazillian group of artists commited to explore the possibilities of mixing art, video, music and technology in design, audiovisual and live performances. You can check some Moleculagem's artworks here or at

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May 20, 2020 |

Seeking is another experiment of Shifting, an ongoing research about transitional states of perception. On this short film we follow geometric elements seeking entrance to a parallel world where they might belong to. This is a speculative design project that … Read More


April 29, 2020 | | 3 Comments

Shifting – work in progress

The experiments are about transporting audiences to different perceptual states.Constantly shifting from one conceptual environment to another.The interpretation of ambiguous stimuli from different sensory inputsgenerates a co-creation process that heavily relies on the observer’s … Read More