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see/saw – Chapman + Utterback

February 21, 2006 |

Documentation Video

see/saw is an interactive installation in which visitors' manipulations of a real see-saw control the fluctuation of power and emotion in the story of an intimate relationship. A pair of words are projected on the walls … Read More

Amsterdam RealTime – Waag Society

February 21, 2006 |

I have just been reminded of a project Ralph de Rijke of the Waag showed me a year ago called ‘ Amsterdam RealTime ‘. The website for the project hasn't been updated in some time unfortunately. Essentially the piece was … Read More

biot(h)ing – Invisibles

February 20, 2006 |

An interactive installation exhibited at the Prague Biennale. ‘Invisibles' by biot(h)ing uses holosonic speakers to create sound patterns projected into an interactive space. These speakers isolate individual cones of sound, creating a counterintuitive experience for the visitors as they … Read More

Computer Programming as an Art

February 18, 2006 |

“It seems to me that if the authors I studied were writing today, they would agree with the following characterization: Science is knowledge which we understand so well that we can teach it to a computer; and if we don't … Read More

Pneumatic Parliament

February 17, 2006 | | 2 Comments

More inflatable wonders to behold. Pneumatic Parliament by Peter Sloterdijk and Gesa Mueller von der Hagen , still at conceptual stage, a political piece of inflatable architecture where a lightweight transportable dome could be quickly installed to provide a … Read More

Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen

February 16, 2006 | | One Comment

HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen) reverse cultural engineers the technological systems that surround us: From transport design to pollution monitoring, from public advertisement to meteorology, from architecture to public lightning. Their work seeks to go back in time, … Read More

3D Display Technology

February 14, 2006 |

p>I'm always a little sceptical when engineers claim to created real 3D displays but this report from DailyTech sounds like there might finally be some convincing if not a little low-res Holodeck style projects in the near future. The obvious … Read More


February 13, 2006 |

idades is a communication network formed by modular installations placed in transit spaces. In each of them, a spectator can recognize his or her simulated silhouette, projected onto a screen, placed in the midle of the transit space, in … Read More

RIPLfield – TU Berlin

February 12, 2006 |

RIPLfield website (see video)

An interactive installation built at the architecture department of TU Berlin . It consisted of light and sound-scapes which respond to the actions of people in the environment and remote data from Parsons School … Read More

Accenture – Interactive Walls

February 11, 2006 | | One Comment

Video & Further Images

When groups of people work on complicated problems, they tend to generate large, shared displays spontaneously, whether in the form of printouts on a tabletop, posters, or marks on a whiteboard. This kind of shared … Read More

Multi Sensitive Space РDer multisensuelle Raum РMirko Immend̦rfer

February 10, 2006 | | One Comment

Download (German) I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. My very clever friend Mirko Immendörfer’s phd Dissertation on Multi Sensitive Space. Mirko currently works for dRMM Architects in London and previously worked for architectural practices in Germany … Read More

Flying Wind Turbines

February 9, 2006 |

In the course of my research into making lighter-than-air interactive architecture I keep finding remarkable new applications for Dirigible technology. See the Space Lift and the Flying Radio Towers so while it may not be specifically interactive architecture, I thought … Read More

Back From Berlin

February 8, 2006 |

Visiting the Reichstag

I’ve just got back from the Transmediale Festival in Berlin which from an interactive architecture perspective was quite a disappointment due to the lack of interactive installations and devices at the exhibition however on the plus … Read More

Can you help?

February 2, 2006 | | One Comment

As you may have seen there’s a tutorials page attached to the blog which I’ve had online as long as the blog has been running. I’ve been meaning to build up a tutorials section of links to other websites … Read More

NEVEL – Moving Labyrinth

January 31, 2006 | | 3 Comments

NEVEL is a moving labyrinth (11 X 11 m) consisting of 9 programmable walls able to rotate 360°. Architecture comes alive, walls become doors, spaces open and close, visitors are locked up and set free again.

via Regine at … Read More

pie-in-the-sky or the future of wireless networks?

January 31, 2006 | | 3 Comments

Why put up costly cell-phone towers in thinly populated areas, when a few balloons would do? In North Dakota, former Gov. Ed Schafer is backing a plan to loft wireless network repeaters on balloons high above the state to fill … Read More

Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment

January 30, 2006 |

If your building interactive architecture, its obviously not just about understanding digital technology, you have to have an understanding of all the materials in construction that would lend themselves to interactive spaces. I’ve just got hold of this book … Read More

MIT Smart Cities Group, Greden & Arbona – Fab Tree Hab

January 25, 2006 | | 2 Comments

So whats the interactive architecture in this? Well its the slowest form of interaction I’ve posted so far but the process of pleaching gives the patient house builder the ability to share with the tree the role of architect … Read More