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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Vital Signs – narchitects

December 2, 2005 |

an interactive installation for the Libery Science Center (NJ) designed to show breaking news about science to visitors in the museum. a continuous moebius strip of LEDs & projection screens allows visitors to view streaming information from all sides … Read More

Inflatable Space Architecture

November 30, 2005 | | One Comment

Tourists need accommodation, and Las Vegas hotelier Robert Bigelow is aiming to supply it. Adapted from TransHab, a never-used NASA design for an inflatable space station, Bigelow’s Nautilus space station module will provide 330 cubic metres of living space … Read More


November 30, 2005 | | One Comment

Here’s a cool little sensor product that uses capacitive sensing technology (the measure of minute electrical changes in elecrical capacity caused by objects moving in the immediate proximity of the sensing electrodes). What that means is that large conductive … Read More

Hello.Wall – AMBIENTE

November 29, 2005 |

The Hello.Wall is an ambient display that emits information via light patterns and is considered informative art.

As an integral part of the physical environment, Hello.Wall constitutes a seeding element of a social architectural space conveying awareness information and atmospheric … Read More

Lacuna – HMC MediaLab

November 28, 2005 |

Here’s HMC Medialab‘s Lacuna Project which is up and running at the Portland Square Building in Plymouth, UK.

Lacuna is a response to the relationship between body and architecture in the cyborg era. Existing in the perceived ‘gap’ between … Read More

SAILS: Self-Assembling Intelligent Lighter-Than-Air Structures

November 24, 2005 |

film for discovery channel

“The Mascarillons are the first rigid aerobots developed for the [ SAILS ] project. They are flying cubic automata able to develop collective behaviors and assemblages through swarm-intelligence protocols.”

Website Link

Interesting idea for constantly … Read More

Dorkbot London 33

November 23, 2005 |

I had a really great time talking about interactive architecture and my project ‘Reciprocal Space‘ on Monday so thanks to the guys at Dorkbot and I look forward to coming along to more dorkbots in the near future. Also … Read More

under scan – Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

November 22, 2005 |

I’m really looking forward to going up to Lincon to see this Publin Installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in action this Friday. The installational will be running from the 25th of November till the 4th of December 2005


Stereoscopic Projection – merging Physical and Virtual spaces

November 21, 2005 |

Using image warping of a projection based on viewer perspective it is possible to extend a physical space with virtual projections that respond to your movement. Using view-dependent image-based and geometric warping, radiometric compensation, and multi-focal projection these guys … Read More

Dorkbot – London

November 19, 2005 |

people doing strange things with electricity

Monday 21st November, 7pm.

I’m doing a talk about my own work and at State51 off Brick Lane. Here are the details, if your in the area please come along.

state51 8 … Read More

Festo – Fluidic Muscle MAS

November 19, 2005 |

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to rationalise how to go from concept to engineering on my current kinetic architecture project. Festo for me has been a good place to go looking for innovative products that are proven … Read More

MuscleBody – Kas Oosterhuis

November 18, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Kas Oosterhuis runs the Hyperbody Research Group at Delft. Here’s the MuscleBody Project.

The MuscleBody project consists of a fully kinetic and interactive architecture that is a full-scale prototype of an interior space. The project is an architectural body … Read More

Responsive Space – KRD

November 16, 2005 |

Exhibited at The Kelvingrove Gallery, Glasgow. KRD were commissioned for the Design Machine Exhibition. The aim was to make visitor experience the manipulation and exploration of space, without an enforce defined technique or direction.


Clad internally with … Read More

Ada : The Inteligent Room

November 15, 2005 |

Ada is a novel artificial organism, a creature in the shape of a space that can perceive and react to its surroundings. At the same time, her form facilitates a novel interaction between humans and machine that goes beyond … Read More

MicroHUD Head-Up Display

November 15, 2005 |

Fancy playing around with Head Up Displays like they use in Fighterjets and are now starting to use in high end executive cars such as the BMW 5 and 6 Series.

Made by Microvision The MicroHUD™ evaluation kit is … Read More

Clever Carpets

November 14, 2005 | | One Comment

Not that I would consider carpet my first choice for interior design, its interesting now how more and more inteligent systems are being introduced into furnishing products such as carpets.

Carpets with inbuilt intelligence can now run office functions … Read More

Vectorial Elevation – Relational Architecture #4

November 13, 2005 | | One Comment

A few years old now but I’m researching how you can build space with light at the moment so I thought I’d put this up for posterity. Vectorial Elevation was an interactive artwork designed to transform the Zócalo square … Read More

Architects top poll

November 12, 2005 |

from veritas

Read More