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RE:MARK and The Hidden Worlds of Noise and Voice

October 20, 2005 | | One Comment

2 really nice pieces that are interested in the visualisation of invisible flows of information. These two aesthetic and sensory observatories for the perception of this parallel reality have been developed by Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman in collaboration with … Read More

Fun Palace – Cedric Price

October 19, 2005 | | 14 Comments

CEDRIC PRICE (1934-2003) was one of the most visionary architects of the late 20th century. Although he built very little, his lateral approach to architecture and to time-based urban interventions, has ensured that his work has an enduring influence on … Read More

See through Aluminium!

October 18, 2005 |

Remember the scene from Star Trek IV where Scotty barters the formula for transparent aluminum for a small run. It now appears that we can now add transparent aluminum to the science fact column.

See Article

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October 17, 2005 |

TABLEPORTATION is a local media system designed to fuse mediated and physical space, to experiment and play with social boundaries, to encourage and allow new forms of interplay between people at different tables in the café.

Video cameras monitor … Read More


October 16, 2005 | | One Comment

InterMap is a 1:1 scale model of an interactive maze. This prototype, built of hardware scraps and lumberyard detritus, is the first iteration of a childhood vision to design a human-scale navigable maze.

As the participant enters the space, … Read More

Mirrors & Lasers

October 14, 2005 |

Griffin Enright Architects assisted the artist Hiro Yamagata with the infrastructure for his laser installation.

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Disco Dance Floor

October 11, 2005 |

Okay this isn’t ground breaking interactive architecture but I love the dedication.

Watch the Video and check out the Documentation of the Project

# 1,536 LEDs # 128 square feet # 4,096 colors # 30 frames/second # 20,000 hand-soldered … Read More

lightspace – Low Res Interactive hypersurfaces

October 7, 2005 |

Lightspace provides interactive lighting and entertainment products to numerous industries including Nightclubs, Family Entertainment Centers, Theme Parks, Fashion Shows, Special Events, Stage Lighting & Sound, Health Clubs and Architectural Lighting & Design.


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UVA – LED Walls – Kabaret London

October 2, 2005 | | 2 Comments

UVA are producers and designers of performance video and environmental graphics for live events. Last year they installed one of these systems into the Kabaret Club on Beak Street, Soho, London.


Barco’s MiPix Modular LED Blocks allowing … Read More

Toyo Ito wins Royal Gold Medal

September 29, 2005 |

The Japanese architect Toyo Ito has won this year’s Royal Gold Medal.

digital wall, detail of the exhibition ‘toyo ito architetto’, basilica palladiana, vicenza, italy

Ito is known for his aesthetic of lightweight, permeable membranes composed of fabrics, perforated … Read More

HMC MediaLab’s Hyperfabric

September 27, 2005 |

HMC MediaLab’s Adam Montandon came over to me at the end of the submerge exhibition in June and asked me about my flexible wall skin I used for my Project Reciprocal Space. A few months later to create this … Read More

Bartlett Kicks Off

September 26, 2005 |

MArch AVATAR combined with the Interactive Architecture Workshop

Many of our critical understandings are derived from second order cybernetics, especially the work of Gordon Pask, Francisco Varela and Heinz von Foerster – who was also a magician. Interactive Architecture, … Read More

Second Skin – Lutyens & Winkler

September 24, 2005 |

A project that explores the structure of mind as mirrored by emergent architecture.

Second Skin is a project that involves architecture students and professionals from around the globe to form the basis for a new emergent approach to architecture.

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Kinetic Lighting – Front & the Interactive Institute

September 23, 2005 |

Between 20-25% of the energy consumed in UK households is used by lighting. So a light that indicates how much energy is being consumed within the home at any moment seems a particularly appropriate innovation

Stockholm-based industrial designer Front … Read More

Maximilian’s Schell – Ball & Nogues

September 13, 2005 | | One Comment

The new vortex-shaped, outdoor installation by architects Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues warps the flow of space with a featherweight rendition of a celestial black hole; “the deadliest force in the Universe.” Hovering over M&A’s courtyard “Maximilian’s Schell” is … Read More

texone – tree

September 12, 2005 |

Bit of an old project but I fell upon it today and thought I’d have a play.

Here’s one of Texone’s projects tree, thought I’d stick into it and see what it creates. Well it produced a very … Read More

VirtuSphere Immersive Virtual Reality

September 4, 2005 |

VirtuSphere provides a mechnical basis for truly immersive virtual reality environments, permitting the user to move about in virtual space by simply walking.

The device consists of a large hollow sphere which is mounted on a specially designed … Read More

Body Brush – Horace Ip, Young Hay, Alex Tang

September 1, 2005 |

A little like the MIT project “Installation” that I blogged in July but more of a preformance/artist tool, Artist Young Hay believes the “body brush” may be embraced by the art community because it creates a unique type of relationship … Read More