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Research Articles

Streetscape – Iori Nakai

August 30, 2005 |

Maps are abstractions of reality, virtual diagrams used to construct or record a persons understanding of a space or navigation route. Bringing that virtual record of space can be brought closer the physical experience of navigating that space using … Read More

IDEO – Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle

August 30, 2005 |

Scott Adams approached IDEO to create Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle, an attempt to address the myriad issues connected with partition-based offices. The result is a modular cubicle that allows each worker to select the components and create a space based on … Read More

Deep Walls -Scott Sona Snibbe

August 28, 2005 |


Deep Walls creates a projected cabinet of cinematic memories. Within each of 16 rectangles, the movements of different viewers within the space are projected, played back over-and-over, and reduced into the space of a small cupboard. Initially, when a … Read More

Alsop designs ‘Kiss for Shanghai’

August 24, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Not exactly Interactive Architecture but my other passion is moving architecture so here’s some recent news from dexigner

A British based team lead by Alsop Design and Arup are to create a landmark structure to attract visitors to … Read More

Access – Marie Sester

August 19, 2005 |

While this project explores the wider ideas of surveillence what most interests me and what i want to get my hands on, are the acoustic beam audio projectors.


Access is a public art installation that applies web and … Read More

dRMM – Summer Internship

August 16, 2005 |

I’ve been working for dRMM (de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects) this Summer which has been an absolute pleasure. They have a number of award winning projects under their belt and were recent winners of the ‘Best New Practice’ Building … Read More

Listening Post – Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin

August 11, 2005 | | One Comment


Listening Post won the Golden Nica at the 2004 Ars Electronica Festival in the category of Interactive Art; other winners included Creative Commons and the Wikipedia

Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time … Read More

Rem Koolhaas & IDEO – Interactive dressing rooms

August 6, 2005 |

IDEO Project Details

In December 2001 the Italian haute couturier Prada opened its groundbreaking new “epicenter” store in New York City, designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. IDEO, working with Koolhaas and his architecture and research firm OMA/AMO, created … Read More

Mirror, UVA

August 2, 2005 |

UVA’s first gallery installation, Mirror inhabits an area between portraiture, sculpture, and the motion studies of pioneers such as Eadweard Muybridge. A stereo camera pair creates a moving three-dimensional image of the viewer, projected in real time into … Read More

Usman Haque – Open Source Architecture

August 1, 2005 |

Our constructed environment, with its direct impact on people every day and its constant transformation through use and reuse, is a collectively designed project. It incorporates vastly different and sometimes conflicting logics. The issues arising from people’s differing perspectives and … Read More


July 27, 2005 | | One Comment

These guys have had some great projects working as a consultancy and research group looking at the communicative potential of architecture using digital systems.

As part of the commission for the conception for the thorough integration of media technology … Read More

Vital Signs nArchitects

July 24, 2005 | | One Comment


In collaboration with: Batwin+Robin, Sawad Brooks/OPENWORK, Paul Yarin/BLACKDUST). Vital Signs is an interactive installation designed to disseminate breaking news about science to visitors in the museum. A continuous and permeable moebius strip of LEDs … Read More

Kinetic Light Sculpture of the Zeilgalerie

July 21, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Kinetic Light Sculpture of the Zeilgalerie is a permanent installation on the facade of the Zeilgalerie in Frankfurt and was finished along with the building in September 1992.

During the day, the perforated surface of the sheet metal, … Read More

NOX Son-O-House

July 19, 2005 | | 3 Comments

One of my favourite Architects at the moment here’s Son-O-House by NOX

Located in a a large industrial park the Son-O-House is a public pavilion where visitors can sit around, eat their lunch and have meetings, surrounded by IT related … Read More

Rem Koolhaas Interview for ICON

July 17, 2005 |

Having just finished reading Content a very fun and insightful book I thought I’d see what else Rem Koolhaas had to say for himself.

We’ve all heard of The Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the architectural equivalent of MIT … Read More

Design Boom – Interviews

July 12, 2005 |

I’m really interested in other peoples opinions at the moment, probably because I’ve just spent the last year trying to develop my own opinions and lost sight a little of my peers. Winning the Innovation Award at Submerge this year … Read More

Peter Anders – Cyberspace Interview

July 9, 2005 |

Peter Anders has been involved with work at the Institute of Digital Art and Technology at Plymouth University, in particular Arch-OS and discussing its potential. Here’s an interview discussing the similarity of imaginary or virtual space and physical space.

Listen … Read More

Interactive Architecture – Only way is Up

July 9, 2005 |

Here’s a nice quote from Column Network about the growth of Interactive Architecture.

“In the next few years, emerging practices in interactive architecture are set to transform the built environment. “Smart” design was once regarded as the preserve of museum … Read More