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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Archeological Soundscape

Archeological Soundscape

A city is defined by noise pollution, but there are incredibly beautiful sounds buried within the chaos, we just didn’t notice them that often. Building on the belief that that the key for organising a soundscape is to be train people’s listening behaviour rather than merely manipulating relating sounds. Archaeological Soundscape is a project designed to focus listening behavior via interactive 3D soundscape.

The project takes archaeological process as a research model to explore recorded soundscapes, and attempts to excavate and find the sonic artefacts within a host recording. Soundscapes are recorded across London using complex 3D microphones. The result is then processed using specially developed software and played back in an ambisonic environment. This installation will reveal the sounds hidden in the soundscapes and thereby raise consciousness about those sounds… creating a contrast between unwanted sounds and allowing a listener to focus on the obscure, and often beautiful.