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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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In Between 1.0

In Between 1.0

In Between1.0  is an interactive audio visual playboard that bring you on an immersive journey that investigate the idea of being a liminal. The series of In Between design work is about artist’s self exploration of her own identity, a Malaysian that live in the United Kingdom, but neither feels completely belongs to a place.

In Between 1.0 is designed based on Setia Alam Night Market located at Shah Alam, Malaysia & Columbia Road Flower Market located at London, United Kingdom. In Between is an immersive interactive play board in A1 size, 1 to 75 model size of transferred spatial model. It allows up to 1 to 2 user to be on the play board. Users are invited to put on a pair of headsets to go through an audio visual interactive journey. Instructions and guide will be given to user clearly through the headset and by following the steps being guided, user will find themselves immerse in the pre set storyline. There’s total of two storylines, user will go through the storyline of each market’s play set once at a time. User is asked to switch to the opposite seats after completing the first storyline to continued with the next market’s storyline. In other words, In Between 1.0 can be described as a play board size of interactive immersive theatre.

In Between 1.0 is designed for user to experience both markets through story telling from the artist’s perspective (observer).

” The Malaysia’s market represent my memories of being part of the vendors in the night market during childhood times overseeing the night market. London’s market represents a recent experience, also my usual Sunday ritual living in this city, going to a coffee shop at the Columbia Road watching over the flower market.”

 The experience on both side is similar but different, user will be repeating a similar act in both markets setting but gained a completely different outcome. By recreating the experience of a day’s observation in both market from different timeline, In Between 1.0 aimed to put user in the liminal realm, have better understanding in how it is like to go through multi cultural. There are also shared experience in the beginning and ending on both side of stories to build the connection of the markets not just visually, but also a deeper level of immersion into both stories.