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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Naked is a robotic interface to animate common clothes to interact with people.
It tries to attract people by moving, gazing and mimicking the observer.

The main purpose of this project is designing alternative daily experience by applying the embodied medium.


The second prototype exhibited at Samsung KX, Coal Drops Yard (Summer 2019)



Animated daily objects can contain elements of storytelling like Disney’s animation depicts. At the same time, we also have kinds of stories in everyday life, such as in restaurants, retail stores and shop windows.

This project proposes an applicability of the animated object as an intermedium to bring the storytelling into such daily situations. In order for it, this project employs the form of a skeleton for clothes as the interface design. Its kinetic and visual design can be customised by the users themselves.

The user experience customising the interface design.

The first prototype (Spring 2019)

Although the first prototype does not interact with the observers directly, it already has a potential to tell stories.

Through several iterations on the interaction and structural design, this project is now developing a multi-interface system to produce more immersive experience.