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On Edible Cloud Nine

On Edible Cloud Nine

On Edible Cloud Nine is a multi-sensory, interactive and collective confectionery experience. Flavour – multi-sensory by its nature – is influenced by the visual stimulation of a dish, the scent it radiates, the sounds we hear and the environment that we are surrounded by. On Edible Cloud Nine integrates three of these multi-sensory cues – taste/flavour, visual/aesthetics and smell/scent – to create a unique sensory experience of eating candyfloss.

This confectionery performance explores three curiosities – how multi-sensory cues can be a medium for individual expression and shared experience; How sensory modalities in food can alter or enhance a flavour; and what different engagements can be found in personalisation of flavour in eating experiences.

Candyfloss becomes a stage which accommodates a multi-sensory interactive, personalised performance that is personally created by the individual and the group experiencing the sweets. Served on sensor embedded sticks, the candyfloss is personalised for the individual through scent and visual stimuli in response to the individual’s emotive state, as measured through galvanic skin response.




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