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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Quotidian Lift

Quotidian Lift

Quotidian Lift is a project that seeks to reinvent an existing pre-conception of a known site via a series of independent responsive agents that form a nodal spatial network of ever-changing elements within a location. Each agent transforms the quotidian navigating into a unique and personal experience, renewing the interest in a place that is constantly shifting and changing, similar to a natural and evolving landscape. Our proposal aims to encourage humans’ instincts of exploration and discovery and make people passionately curious about their environment.

Quotidian Lift suggests an immersive synthetic sound and light ecology; the physical matches with the immaterial and the reality with the abstract towards creating new connections to spaces. Light and sound may rearrange spaces’ spatial layout, develop novel, uncanny and strange adventures.

Ubiquitous but underestimated environmental elements, such as shadows and sounds, are brought to the fore and used as tools to create a connection between people and their environment. We suggest that humans may develop highly dynamic behaviour within their environment by interacting with subtle installations in public spaces that are usually perceived as static and inanimate. The network of the structures may act as a new architectural layer in the urban web, which redress the imbalance of detrimental sterile environments and leads to a curious journey through light and sound.