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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Sound Odyssey

Sound Odyssey

Sound Odyssey is a series of immersive acoustic spaces modeled in virtual reality which is experienced via an Oculus Quest headset. I used it as a testbed to explore how to design the acoustics in a virtual representation of a room and aiding the acoustic spatial experience in architecture design. Sound Odyssey contains three generative prototypes: Falling space, I am sitting in a virtual room, and Re: Philips Pavilion.

Sound Odyssey aims to bridge between a user and the virtual space which they inhabit. I designed the first prototype to bring the authentic voice of space back and envision its parameter of volume in the virtual world. As an unexpected result, the first porotype proved it could arouse the participant’s emotional response –which is the foundation of all musical experience. Therefore, in the second prototype, I map the model with more parameters to allow for more geometry changes and add more senses including tactile and vision to enrich the experience. The next prototype will deepen these senses and prompt a more interactive auditory system to aid virtual and architectural experiences.