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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Stranger Cycle: 3071

Stranger Cycle: 3071
  • On September 8, 2020

Based on the clothing psychology and gender diversity, this project combines some different types of clothing, trying to break the boundary of the body shape and self- identity, change gender-related stereotypes and explore internal relations linked with the gender diversity and self- identity by the combination of colour and textile in the clothing design.

Focusing on virtual clothing design, my project allows individuals to express their own aesthetic preferences through dynamic clothes.

By using Kinect and Pose Net, the project build a space for the participants from different gender orientations to try on different types of clothing and interact with the dynamic clothing. Apart from the body detection part, I combined Unity 3d with Kinect to implement real-time interaction of clothing and body.

In future work, I will focus on the research of possibilities of gender aesthetics on clothing and the combination of 3D printing with virtual clothing. My project will connect the reality materials by 3D printing. With physical clothes, people could interact with both the virtual world more dynamically.