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Movement Gallery – Work in Progress Show

The virtual gallery looks into the interrelationship among space, behaviour and Chinese Shan-shui (landscape) painting.

The space, with the theory of cognitive map and isovist (the sight at specific points), affects the visitor’s behaviour when appreciating the artworks. In this project, not only the route of visiting, but also some gestures can be designed and predicted. Visitors may look around or look up at certain points, where the significance of the third dimension of isovists is demonstrated. The behaviour can also affect how the spatial structure changes, so that a conversation between human behaviour and spatial behaviour can be created.

The space also contributes to the exhibition of Chinese Shan-shui paintings. As one of the most precious cultural heritages of China, the landscape painting is unique for its various kinds of perspectives of enjoying the scenes of nature. The space, through transforming, forms specific structures to help the visitor understand better about these perspectives.

Last but not least, the visitor’s personal preference is crucial for what works he/she will see. The gallery hands out the privilege of choosing to the visitor.

Because of the co-operation of the three elements above, this gallery is pre-designed yet customized, organized yet full of surprises. Everyone will have his/her one and only experience in terms of both the space and the artworks, And this is what we would like our galleries in the future to be.

Dingyi Wei, Zhi Qin


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