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NOX Son-O-House

  • On July 19, 2005

One of my favourite Architects at the moment here’s Son-O-House by NOX

Located in a a large industrial park the Son-O-House is a public pavilion where visitors can sit around, eat their lunch and have meetings, surrounded by IT related companies.

The structure is both an architectural and a sound installation that allows people to not just hear sound in a musical structure, but also to participate in the composition of the sound. It is an instrument, score and studio at the same time.
A sound work, made by composer Edwin van der Heide, is continuously generating new sound patterns activated by sensors picking up actual movements of visitors.

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  1. Alex Raher

    I am currently a third year architecture student at UoManchester and my design this year focuses on the blurring of boundaries and the interaction between digital and physical worlds, and the architecture that connects them. Nox’s work is fascinating, yet I seem to not be able to find a huge amount of information on his conceptual projects (not to mention his website seems to not work!). If anyone has any information they would like to share, or can help me out with, it would be greatly appreciated!


  2. maryam Litkouhi

    hey alex, if you wanna get into the conceptual level of nox, read Brian Massumi’s books and articles. There’s one article written by brian massumi that is called the building experience: the architecture of perception. Andrew Benjamin is great as well. We’r having them in sydney next week for a public lecture at UTS and i can send you a list of readings we did for the organization of these lectures.let me know

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