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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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  • On July 27, 2005

These guys have had some great projects working as a consultancy and research group looking at the communicative potential of architecture using digital systems.

interactive architecture

As part of the commission for the conception for the thorough integration of media technology into the architecture for the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria (see project Kunsthaus Graz) , real:United designed the award winning “communicative display skin” BIX for the building. Using standard industrial fluorescent light tubes BIX transforms the outer biomorphic skin of the building, which is constructed out of translucent blue acrylic glass panels, into a low resolution grey scale computer display. Watch their Video Documentation of the Project

interactive architecture

Also check out their Augmented Reality installation “multi mind” (mm).
mm is an installation with a network of 33 mobile and stationary computers. mm explores concepts around future interpersonal communication systems. mm as a working-platform creates a prototype of a possible technological-cultural development-tool. mm as an instrument is driven by active participation of the visitors. Watch the Video Documentation of the Project.

Visit realities:united Website and Multi Mind Website


  1. Janiky

    check out the follow up project SPOTS:

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