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Reciprocal Space

Reciprocal Space
  • On April 29, 2005

Preformed, Experienced and felt by Both Sides      My Submerge “Innovation Award” Winning Project, ‘Reciprocal Space’, a physical space that responds to the actions of it’s inhabitants creating Bio-Feedback Loops in real-time forcing the inhabitants to respond and reassess their preconceived ideas of architectural space being fixed.

Interactive Architecture as a field of research has key characteristics. These interactive spaces must feel / experience its inhabitants and respond in a way that challenges the inhabitants to reciprocally respond. If it fails to challenge their cognitive perception of the space then it fails to engage the inhabitants of the space and a reciprocal relationship will not be created


Interactive installations have explored these relationships particularly using moving image and audio which have the potential to have real impact on our sense of space. These are being investigated in other projects of mine but as my Final Degree Project (2005) I wished to try and assess how moving physical space could have a distinctive and potentially more reciprocal affect on the inhabitants challenging neglected modes of cognition.

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