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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Virtual Reality

Second Skin – Lutyens & Winkler

September 24, 2005 |

A project that explores the structure of mind as mirrored by emergent architecture.

Second Skin is a project that involves architecture students and professionals from around the globe to form the basis for a new emergent approach to architecture.

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texone – tree

September 12, 2005 |

Bit of an old project but I fell upon it today and thought I’d have a play.

Here’s one of Texone’s projects tree, thought I’d stick into it and see what it creates. Well it produced a very … Read More

VirtuSphere Immersive Virtual Reality

September 4, 2005 |

VirtuSphere provides a mechnical basis for truly immersive virtual reality environments, permitting the user to move about in virtual space by simply walking.

The device consists of a large hollow sphere which is mounted on a specially designed … Read More

Body Brush – Horace Ip, Young Hay, Alex Tang

September 1, 2005 |

A little like the MIT project “Installation” that I blogged in July but more of a preformance/artist tool, Artist Young Hay believes the “body brush” may be embraced by the art community because it creates a unique type of relationship … Read More

Streetscape – Iori Nakai

August 30, 2005 |

Maps are abstractions of reality, virtual diagrams used to construct or record a persons understanding of a space or navigation route. Bringing that virtual record of space can be brought closer the physical experience of navigating that space using … Read More

Installation – MIT

July 4, 2005 |


Installation is a system designed by Simon Greenwold at the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab, consisting of a viewing window and a stylus with which users can create virtual forms and install them permanently into … Read More

Cybrid Landscape, Chris O’Shea

June 4, 2005 |

Here’s a lovely little Piece by Chris O’Shea using the Arch-OS system of Portland Square Building at Plymouth University.

Using the buildings huge array of sensors various researchers are exploring future concepts for inteligent buildings, Chris O’Shea has used … Read More


June 3, 2005 |

Virtual and Physical Architects SOFTROOM are one of the few architecture firms to really embrace the potential of digital technology. Here’s a project they did for BBC building virtual datascapes.

3D Web Search Engines use depth and scale to … Read More