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VR Games Pit Pets Against Owners

  • On April 25, 2006

3D mouse in a virtual environment (left)
mouse in a real-life environment (right)

I’ve reported on some interesting proposals for kinetic interactive architecture using constantly shifting topologies actuated by pistons and a flexible skin over the past two weeks. The Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore are experimenting with using these techniques to create mixed reality games between pets and their owners.

“Computerized movements in Mice Arena are mapped to and from the real world, where an actual predator (your hamster) gives chase to a digital avatar (you) by pursuing a real piece of bait. The avatar’s movements in the virtual environment direct the bait around a small tank fitted with actuators that mold and twist an elastic latex floor into the changing terrain of the game map.”

More Images on Wired , via rebang , via we-make-money-not-art


  1. Selena

    I think tha more people should design architectual games for all ages like Mall Tycoon. there should be more free house designing games as well for it will be fun and helpfull for all ages and the people that like these games. The perfect game would be five stars, free, and that you could dress your own person and go around. Just like playing around in a virtual world. I want a game that is way more awsome then that!!! Make it happen and it will be somehting that would make people happy and you even happier for making it happen!!!!!

  2. Alexandra

    hello!, i wonder where i can start playing this game!!!

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