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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Lumina is an interactive installation that aims to generate a sense of presence by exploring the personal and peri-personal space of the user. The instrument reflects interactive boundaries of light drawn by our bodies. The intensity, colour, and shape of the boundary is modified when the user explores body movement within the space.

The aim of Lumina is to examine the mental and physical boundaries that the human body creates in physical reality, seeking to explore how these boundaries shape individual behaviour. Furthermore, the project seeks to better understand how the variation of visual stimuli through user participation generates differences in the user’s perceptions of their surroundings

The current prototype is composed of a 600mm static concave mirror that emits RGB light from a 4.5° light aperture in the centre towards a 300mm tilting convex mirror which is positioned underneath. The convex mirror is tied with metallic ropes in strategic points around the circumference to avoid instability. The motion of the convex mirror is driven by servo motors that rotate from 0° to 135° to pull and push the ropes in order to modify the angle of the mirror through Arduino Uno. By modifying the angles of the tilting mirror, physics of light were applied by determining the normals and angle reflection of the light in order to draw the boundary around the user.

The installation operates with the use of a real-time system in Unity 3D and tracks the movement of the performer by using Microsoft Kinect V2, which is a motion-sensor webcam-style system that is able to read specific parts of the body depending on the input and output criteria of the designer. In the case of Lumina, the system responds to the respective positions of the head, spine and limbs of the user within the space.

Exhibited at:

London Festival of Architecture. June 2019

Ars Electronica Festival. September 2019

Photographer: Claudia Cortes Location: Ars Electronica Festival. Austria. 2019