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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Variation of Memory

Variation of Memory

It is a public installation that explores concepts of varying levels of ‘self-presence’ and the distortion of memory through the interactive choreography of light on the surrounding environment. The project translates the motion and articulation of the observer into a light-based representation of their body schema in real-time. The recognition and manipulation of these light patterns by the audience are described as a realization of ‘self-presence’, such that the environment reflects the consciousness of the observer without being conscious its-self. In an ambient state, the lights may reveal the movement and presence of previous participants creating a distorted representation or ‘memory’ of the space and habitation. The work is part of a series of kinetic light and sound installations that explore levels of ‘self-presence’ from ‘Proto self-presence’: relating to the representation of body schema, ‘Core self-presence’: relating to the emotion provoked from the interaction between the self and the other, and ‘Extended self-presence’: relating to the creation of a personal identity based on memory. By layering the memories of the audience movement over time, the installation builds a continuum of infinitely varying patterns and perceptions of the self.



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