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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Warped searches for how the way of viewing is affected by the discrepancy of perception and the physical qualities of the perceived object.

Real time mapping is used in conjunction with the audience’s tracked position relative to the object to create an illusion that deconstructs the sense of space and reduces the 3D physical space to 2D through joining visuals and spatial characteristics. The visuals respond to the particular vision of the object and background as a result of the viewer’s current time and space, creating a feedback loop that overwrites the audience’s physical spatial perception.

Warped 3rd person view

Warped encourages fluidity in perception by inviting the viewers to engage with the project in an active manner, constantly looking for new angles, chasing and being chased by the work simultaneously, thus constitutes experiences of a series of changes in sense of space through an enhanced contrast of the perceived and the physical characteristic of the object.