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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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we.ar___. is a series of projects that work to tackle the theme of the catastrophic effects of fast fashion on the environment.

Throughout the last six months, the team has worked to create different projects that approach the same theme in a different way each time. Aiming to create a conversation around the issue and engage the public on this issue.

Prototype One: Augmented Mirror

An AR mirror that visualizes the impact of clothing on the environment. It creates a colorful layer of debris on top of our clothes when viewed in the mirror.

Augmented Mirror (Spring 2019)

Prototype Two: InsideOut Fashion

An experience-store where people could choose a shirt made out of either cotton, silk, or viscose and proceed into a changing room that immerses the participant into a storyline of their garment.

Prototype Three: Future Retail

A more commercial approach, a speculative future retail shop that includes AR technology to bring buyers closer to the garments, as well as various approaches to augment the shopping experience and add importance to the small moments in the retail process.


Augmented Future Retail (Summer 2019)

Future Retail (Summer 2019)

Prototype Four: Awoken (Under Development)

An art installation that withdraws all past experience and conversations initiated by the previous projects, and aims to expose the dead zone in the heart of the environmental conversation.


Awoken (Fall 2019) Concept Collage

Awoken (Fall 2019) Concept Renders