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LonelyHome – Tobi Schneidler

  • On January 10, 2006

A spin off from the Remote Home project another project by Interactive Architect Tobi Schneidler called Lonely Bench. Part of their LonelyHome project.

A ‘self conscious’ piece of furniture reluctant to its use. The sensors for this version was completely remade into a highly responsive and sensitive system triggering each cushion on the bench individually

“The LonelyHome bench is a hybrid creation, part domestic furniture and part robotic pet: a socially intelligent design object. It can be used as an ordinary piece of living room furniture, but it will also come alive unexpectedly.”


The Lonely Bench is a complete stand-alone system ready to plug into the power outlet of any home. It was shown at the Touch Me exchibition at Victoria and Albert museum, London. Heres the website of maoworks who are a design strategy and production company working with commercial, research and cultural clients.


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