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3D LED Matrix BIG and small Voxels

  • On December 14, 2005


Cubatron‘s maker claims it to be the “world’s largest true 3D color graphics display” however I know from speaking to someone who specializes in interactive architectural lighting that there is a much bigger one being developed for one of the UK’s most well known Architects. Sorry I’ve got to be so secretive but I’m not sure if its still a secret. Either way what I like about this project is that the whole construction and system is explained right down to the website where he got the ping pong balls

Video 1
Video 2

Anyway for the meantime I’ll assume this is the largest 3D color graphics display or at least one of the largest. It is 8x8x8 feet in size. It consists of 729 voxels (3D pixels) arranged in a 9x9x9 matrix, spaced 10 inches apart from each other. Each voxel is a 40mm diameter ball that can be independently set to display a 21-bit RGB color. The entire display can be updated about 30 times per second. The voxels “float” in space so that the viewer can see through the cube and have a view of most of the voxels from any position. Nice to see it on a large human size scale.

James Clar

A really nice but much smaller although I think more elegant collection of pieces that used a 3D LED Matrix have been created by James Clar.

Video of Interactive 3D Matrix


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