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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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  • On August 8, 2009


I particularily like the use of sound in this architecture augmented by projection. Daniel Rossa worked with Urbanscreen to create the 555 kubik facade video projection at the kunsthalle in hamburg (germany). giant hands appear to manipulate the surface of the museum in a surreal sequence that is the result of rossa asking the question ‘how it would be, if a house was dreaming?’.


  1. I love this technique, Crea Composite and AntiVJ did a mixture of 2D and 3D visuals for Nuit Blanch Bruxelles last year, if you are aware of it –

    AntiVj do a lot of “visual mapping” and I think he also was involved in an impressive display for one the festivals in Bristol.

  2. Awesome project the way they play with the perspective is incredible I wonder what kind of tools did the use to generate the animations.

  3. Shirley Li

    I’m very interested in multi-media way to present what we want to express on the buildings or anything else. I hope get more inf. about the details of this projection or the other new idea of multi-media solutions.

  4. It can be done by creating a 3D model of the building facade and projecting that model onto the building itself from the same projection point as the POV of the render camera.

    Static form meets dynamic form, buildings need to talk more. These spectacles are nice and will grow to become expressive systems for buildings that tell us everything from mood to activity, modes and wayfinding.

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