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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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ART+COM are a group of Artists I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. Based in Berlin they produce commercial interactive installations, as well as work for Galleries and Exhibitions. Here are a few of their projects; a complete list of their works can be found on their website

The Science of Aliens

For the ‘Science of Aliens’ Exhibition at the British Science Museum , ART+COM created an interactive room where visitors can get in touch directly with aliens. The creatures living on the planets ,“Aurelia“ and “Blue Moon“, move dynamically through virtual landscapes. They are generated in real time. Visitors interact with the two worlds via a touchsensitive surface of 2 meters width and 7.5 meters length. They can not only watch the aliens but also influence the creatures’ behaviour and actions.


Vattenfall media facade

100 m² of the facade as well as the interior of the Vattenfall building were transformed into a partially visual, partially real garden with projections. In the building, the visitors saw unusually dressed actors with circular skirts who moved across the room at intervals. They formed the starting point of the media production. Virtually growing tendrils spread from their skirts across the entire floor and blossomed colourfully in the end.



“10 + 5 = God. The power of signs” — the title of the special exhibition in the Jewish Museum which commissioned ART+COM to produce the “floating.numbers” project.

The central element in this exhibition is a 9-metre long interactive table with a mass of numbers flowing in a continuum on its surface. Individual digits appear randomly at the surface of this stream of numbers and, once touched by a visitor, surrender their secret in text, pictures, films and animation. The significance of the numbers materialises from the various perspectives of science, religion, art or one’s outlook on everyday life


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