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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Dalia Todary-Michael

Landscape Architect

Dalia Todary-Michael

Dalia Todary-Michael is an interdisciplinary media designer, maker and landscape architect (registered OALA, CSLA) based in London, UK and Toronto, Canada, working at the intersection of visual / spatial interaction + experience design, kinetic art, and landscape + urban design. She has practiced in the province of Ontario, Canada and has an eight-year span of professional consultancy experience in urban design of mixed-use, public, commercial, retail, residential development and revitalization, project strategy, master planning, public consultation, place-making, environmental restoration and open space design. She continues her research journey on performative agency and engagement with dichotomous natural-artificial environments, studying the role of motion-based mechatronic spatial artefacts in rekindling fading perceptive nuances of nature in the urban sphere.

Projects By Dalia Todary-Michael

Posts By Dalia Todary-Michael

Constructing Liveliness: The Experience of Nature Embodiment in Kinetic Architecture

October 11, 2019 |

A reality where nature becomes ‘lost’ is upon us — a future that is fast approaching over a built strata of hyper-artificial environments. It towers over limited possibilities of retaining a skin of untouched nature over the earth. Urban life … Read More