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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Ero Papavassiliou

Architect Engineer

Ero Papavassiliou

I am an architect engineer (Dipl-Ing, NTUA 2013) currently following the Graduate Architectural Design program in Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. I consider architecture as an interactive art. It doesn't only exist in buildings, but is a matter of a sustainable experience. What interests me the most from the beginning of my contact with architecture, is the relation between space and human, whether private or public space, an interspace or a fiction space. Thus, through my work I examine the relationship between architecture and multiple sectors of art and science, building on the psychology and the needs of an individual.

Projects By Ero Papavassiliou

Posts By Ero Papavassiliou

Prosthetics & Posthuman Body Futures

July 19, 2015 | | One Comment

Not all of us can declare, with any degree of certainty, that we have been human since the beginning, nor that we are only that. Karen Barad [Barad, 2007] uses the term ‘posthumanism’ to note a denial in taking a … Read More

The ‘Double’ in Bellmer’s Dolls

May 7, 2015 |

Hans Bellmer is a German-born Surrealist artist and writer best known for the dolls he created around the ’30s. Besides the provocative nature of his work, he is considered as one of most controversial artists of the 20th century. His … Read More

Uncanny Prosthetics

April 10, 2015 |

Uncanny Prosthetics: A Survey through J. Stuart Blackton’s short movie ‘The Thieving Hand’

“Artificial limbs do not disrupt amputees’ bodies, but rather reinforce our publicity perceived normalcy and humanity. Artificial limbs and prostheses only disrupt what is commonly considered to … Read More