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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Reuben Jacob

Architect, Maker & Storyteller

Reuben Jacob

Cut my teeth with pure architecture for over two years at leading practices in Bangalore, India, handling large scale projects. Ex Workshop Head at THE Workshop, and Architect of Things at Think Happy Everyday, where I worked at the intersection of advertising, architecture and research. I carry forward with me work experience that is a cross-pollination of design, science and communication methodologies. Besides running design & making workshops, I've helped built interactive technology-integrated installations and initiated multi-disciplinary collaborative projects with artists, makers, and architects from across the globe. Unbox Caravan Fellow, 2016. Speaker, The Under 25 Summit, 2016.

Projects By Reuben Jacob

Posts By Reuben Jacob

The Architecture of Us

October 10, 2019 |

Humankind has always looked to mould their surroundings to their liking, the beginnings had us inhabit and shape the natural spaces most accessible, from caves and niches in rocky outcrop to dense forests with sheltered canopies. We have come a … Read More