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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Maria Paneta

Architectural Engineer, Interaction Designer

Maria Paneta

Maria Paneta is an artist / architect currently studying Interactive Architecture in The Bartlett. She likes installations, metaphysics and gardens. She takes photographs and sketches alot. She tries to understand the truth behind big unknown, theoretical issues.

Projects By Maria Paneta

Posts By Maria Paneta

Sarotis Making Of

September 28, 2016 |

This post is about the proceedure behind the making of “Sarotis Experimental Prosthesis” as a technical investigation and “Sarotis; Wearable Futures” short film as an advanced prosthetic study. Following is a video to give you the large image of the … Read More

Binding Softness

August 18, 2016 |

Keywords: Binding problem, Reality, Soft Prosthesis, Spatial Awareness

My study so far has been focusing on how spatial awareness is formulated through the proceedure of binding spatial information in the body. I have therefore been working on the ideas of … Read More

Looking for Collaborators for Wearable Fashion Technology Film

August 16, 2016 |

We are Ava and Maria, currently studying in the Interactive Architecture Lab. We are interested in art, architecture and specifically interaction design. We have been focusing on the body as our main design terrain and we are interested in how … Read More

Data mediation and visualisation

November 8, 2015 |

Image: Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Soft architecture can be translated as a procedure of mediation between the physical world and the invisible space of data. Soft architecture in terms of Negroponte is investigating the new digital … Read More