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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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About Veronika Bojic

DFPI MArch Student

Veronika Bojic

With a background in dance and architecture, Veronika is interested in how the body interacts with space, and how design can manufacture experiences. Graduating with a Bachelors of Architectural Studies Honours with Distinction from Canada, Veronika has 3 years of experience working in architecture firms in Toronto, Paris and Belgrade, in addition to 14 years of dance training. Her current work focuses on combining her passions of design and performance through the development of a movement tool that uses virtual reality to stimulate physical and emotional exploration.

Projects By Veronika Bojic

Posts By Veronika Bojic

Exploring movement via 3D dance notation in VR

May 25, 2020 |

Relationshape is the first experiment part of [in my space] – a series of experiments that tackle the relationships between body, space, sensation, movement, and spatial awareness. Its aim is to create a movement tool (of both choreographic and explorative … Read More