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D-Edge – Muti Randolph

  • On December 28, 2005

More interactive architecture from the club scene.

Tripping the light fantastic has gone disco crazy. Designers accross the globe are rekindling the halycon days of Saturday Night Fever through the futuristic application of LEDs, fibre optics and Neon Lighting.

The Sequel to D-Edge in Campo Grande, this Venue in Sao Paulo features a grid of perspex and metal boxes, containing RGB Neon Bulbs, in an all-black 600 Capacity interior. ‘I chose black for all the material elements in order to make them disappear, letting the virtual, dynamic light architecture prevail’ says Randolph the Architect of the project. ‘In the dance area the light strips are sunken into a concrete floor which is coated in black resin an into black painted timber walls which are suspended from the ceiling.

Randolph describes his lightbox as a 3D matrix that generates its flashing from beat recognition and color from the other audio elements in real-time. Affects include a giant Audio Spectrum Analyzer.

Also see Kabaret Club – London where UVA built a wall out of RGB LEDs


  1. olivier

    It is a shame Mutti Randolph get all the credit for this creation as he actually only establishes the base concept for the space while whole the architectural work was assumed by the interiors designers Triptyque Studio based in Sao Paolo.
    Well I am a nice boy from France so please take a look on their work

  2. Thanks for letting me know Olivier, sometimes I don’t get all the info so I just do the best I can for a post so cheers.

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