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Fortune’s Vision of the E-Office

  • On October 5, 2005

I think it’s always interesting to see how publications like Fortune select from the multitude of new interactive devices what they see as the future of for example the office environment. While it shows a certain immaturity in what they percieve as the boundaries of Information Technology, it does remind us that the designing for this market requires an element of novelty or gadgit chic. The true test of course is whether there is more than ‘Fad’ value in a product providing a truely enhancing device or environment. An obvious example that achieves these both being the ipod.

This article doesn’t go into muc depth but does exemplify the current perception corporate industy has on this emerging industry.

Office of the Future
From the Jul. 2005 Issue of FSB
By Maggie Overfelt

Office walls that sense how you’re feeling, technology that translates small movements into big actions, and chairs that know when you need to chill out: Enter the office of tomorrow, where intelligent technology will boost productivity without burnout…

Article includes Immersive Interfaces, Smart Furniture, You’re Tagged, Considerate Computing.

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