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Interactive Architecture at Plymouth University

  • On December 3, 2005

I spent the whole of Friday at Plymouth University’s Architecture School with Kirsty Curnow‘s Unit. Jason Bruges of famed interactive architects Jason Bruges Studio and my humble self did talks on our work and then spent the afternoon doing tutorials on each of the students projects. I Had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing how the interactive architecture project progresses. More on this project later…

Jason Bruges Talking about Memory Wall

In the mean time I’m just going to post one of the projects Jason spoke about.

Dotty Duveen was a temporary installation commissioned by the Tate, comprising of an array of 40 wands in the main Octagon gallery

Each wand was 2 meters tall, and had a glowing sphere at the top that turned only when the rods were touched and bent. The wand s were not able to be attached into the floor so suckers were used to hold them down.

A second part of the installation was the generation of a “live painting” tracking the interaction throughout the day. The resulting video piece gave an interesting overview of the different movements occurring within the space.

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