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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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  • On April 20, 2008


Here’s another competition that has come out of the Interactive Architecture Workshop at the Bartlett by current student Harry Parr. You’ve got one month to get your jelly mould designs in for the Architectural Jelly Competition. Any submitted media may be auctioned for Architects for Aid. I’ve seen these moulds up close and they look fantastic so come on, have a go.

“Jelly had its heyday in the late 19 Century: exquisite copper moulds were made that transformed the jelly into the most noble of desserts. The key features of these moulds are regular geometry, tiered designs and plastic forms. Forget all this! Bompas & Parr are giving you the opportunity to reinvent the jelly.”

The rules:
i) Design how you want the jelly to look, not how the mould will be made
ii) Use any techniques you want to show off your design: drawings, models, renders — there are no restrictions
iii) Provide a 3D cad file in IGES format so that a mould can be fabricated (alternatively include scale drawings)
iv) Maximum size is 15cm in any direction
v) Make sure there are no ‘undercuts’ in the shape as this will prevent the jelly from unmoulding

Think carefully about the structural nature of jelly as anything too tall and thin will collapse. But remember there is fine line between outstanding ‘wobble factor’ and disaster. You can design one jelly, a series of jellies or perhaps a jelly that can be repeated for a particular effect: the choice is yours.

more information here


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