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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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“ARCube” is an AR experimental toy, allows for the creation of game worlds by merging physical and augmented constructs through a simple ‘building block’. It mainly explores the possibilities of real-time manipulating physical objects in the AR environment as a human-computer interaction way.

The modern digital technology constrains the interaction mostly within touch-screens, keyboards, and mouse. “ARCube” can give users access and interaction to the digital world with physical objects.

Players can scan one block or two blocks at the same time, when the distance between blocks are far, AR scenes will be separated, but if two blocks are approaching, two scenes will be combined gradually, and finally combine and generate a combined scenario within these two blocks’ elements. Also, this project is still working in progress, and it is already possible to scan four blocks simultaneously and combine four individual elements to create a large scenario in technique, so the generative scenarios will be more complex in future development.

Different combinations and placements of the blocks change the scene in real-time. Allowing for a playful, intuitive interface for gaming and procedural world generation.

In the future, the complexity of the combined scenarios will be increased and more single element blocks can play with. Besides, in a close look at a combined scenario, judging by the AR camera angle will also unlock some new gameplay.