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Fearful Symmetry at the Tate

Fearful Symmetry at the Tate
  • On January 12, 2013

Well I’ve finally found the time to edit the footage and pick out some images for my far to infrequent posts to this blog. The good news is that a complete overhaul is in progress with a whole new website coming soon. More on that later. For now here are a few photos and a film of Fearful Symmetry in action.

Fearful Symmetry – Tate Modern 2012 from Ruairi Glynn on Vimeo.

Special thanks to my great team.
Robotics – Vahid Aminzadeh (KCL) & Alex Zivanovic (Middx Uni)
Computer Vision – Paul Ferragut & George Profenza (UCL)
Mechanical Engineering – Neil (Spike) Melton (Middx Uni)
Sound Design – Emmett Glynn & Sam Conran
Light Engineering – Lianka Papakammenou (UCL)
Photography – Simon Kennedy
Puppetry Consultant – Ronnie Le Drew
Graphic Design – Amy Lewis
Filming – Ronan Glynn
Communication – Ollie Palmer (UCL) & Diony Kypraiou (UCL)
Fabrication Assistant – Djorn Fevrier

Built with the Support of…
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Centre for Robotics Research, KCL
Product Design Engineering, Middlesex University

One short with the lights on and me very tired indeed

Lighting Sponsored by Lumitec AG