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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Interpolate is a choreographic device that selfs generates the initiation of movement from one part of the body to another. The aim is to extract patterns of movements triggered from the sensation of touch in order to create a different improvisation technique for new contemporary dance performances


The wearable device that is taking over the role of the human choreographer and becomes the director itself in order to create a new type of dance practice to generate new patterns of movement and expression through our sensations. It is inspired from contact improvisation technique of contemporary dance.

The wearable, initiates the sensation of touch to the body of the performer and give the stimuli to move. The whole experience is an individual experience that is taking place with one body. The purpose is to become the puppet of your own self and generate original movements from the body for the creation of a dance performance.

Instagram: archi.tect

Performance Design & Film Direction: Angelina Papachatzaki
Assistant Director: Divya Machhi
DOP Camera: Lawra Eb
Audio Visual Support: Michael Wagner, Miltos Tsakiris
Runner: Marina Mersiadou
Technical Support: Parker Heyl
Performers: Maisy Taylor, Amelie Oliver
Sound Designer: Nuno Veiga
Photo Credits: Dominic Farlam

Interpolate I:

The first explorations started with the creation of Interpolate I which is a mechanical wearable that simulates the sensation of poke on the body through an analog system that copies the mechanics of a type writer device.

Interpolate II: 

Generates the sensation of touch on the body through the use of inflatable air muscles. It is merging analog analog and digital data. The G-Love that is placed on the left hand of the performer maps the movements of each finger with a linear sensor which activate the are muscles on the main core of the body. The air pockets are getting inflated with air that give the sensation that someone touches you. This initiates the sensation of being touch in a specific point on the body which sensation can be interpreted with movement.


Making of and Work process

Nematics and motor control with Glove


Sensation and Body Behaviours


Drafting and Designing on my body