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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Sounds, and sweet airs

Sounds, and sweet airs

Translator is an instrument using materials as alphabets to translate the sound of the rain from Bangkok to Here East. Instead of reproducing the rain sound, this project focuses on representing an author’s sound perception of the rain in her homeland. The author, as a crucial role behind the scene, is important as a basis to study how people perceive and recall sounds. By recreating the feeling through sounds, further studies can be done on how feelings evoke emotions, invoke interpretations and affect behaviour.

‘Sounds, and sweet airs’

Natural soundscapes provide a tremendous range of auditory cues about the state of the environment and its inhabitants. The technological environment has not evolved to create a comparably symbiotic system where humans and other inhabitants coexist to use a range of communication channels to synchronise. This sensory design project reflects on natural sound ecologies to create a synthetic environment around human-technology interaction to rethink our relationship with the environment.