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Leicester Lights – Jason Bruges Studio

  • On December 22, 2006

Looking at the rich mix of colour, form and movement that we see in processions and carnivals, and celebrating Leicester’s cultural diversity, Interactive Architects, Jason Bruges Studio have integrated colour capturing technologies into sculptural lighting columns as a commissioned art work for Leicester City to define and link the entrance gateways and the route between the Peepul Centre in Orchardson Avenue and the Cultural Quarter in Leicester City Centre. I believe they’re currently being installed so I just thought I’d post something I’m looking forward to seeing in the New Year. Jason Bruges are  a London based studio that have produced a diverse range of interactive work that includes light sculptures, kinetic installations and interactive environments.

I’m off on holiday for a well needed break so Merry Christmas to everyone, but heres a sneak peek at the project that has kept me so busy recently. Its working name is Signallers which is suitably nondescript until I entirely work out the potential of the piece. I will resume my posting on Interactive Architecture dot Org hopefully more regularly in the New Year.

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