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Luxury Floating Hotel in the Air

  • On March 16, 2006

Worldwide Aeros Corporation are co-developing with WATG a flying Hotel and speculate the behemoth cruise liner complete with staterooms, restaurants, shops, etc. will be built by 2010. Testing will begin in 18 months on a smaller test version of the Lighter Than Air Vehicle. The proposed 850-foot-long luxury liner is called Aeroscraft, and although it looks like a blimp and uses some blimp technology, Aeros company spokesman Edward Pevzner is quick to point out, “It’s NOT a blimp.” The Aeroscraft uses lifting gas like an airship, but incorporates dynamic liftoff similar to an airplane and is capable of vertical takeoff and landing like a helicopter.

The Aeros Corporation is one of the world’s leading lighter-than-air (LTA) airship manufacturers. WATG (Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo) are a design consultant for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries.


  1. Jorge Cunha

    Excellent idea! But how’s the price of the future tickets? More than airplane and less than ship’s fares? It’ll be amazing!
    Best wishes.

  2. gayathri

    Its really owsome and i am really waiting to see that after completion of building that luxuries hotel …..

  3. tina

    its a great project but how about the glass i mean its strong that it can stand high in the air plz reply in a harry on my mail

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