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MediaArchitecture Conference

  • On September 24, 2007

The MediaArchitecture conference held last week at Central Saint Martins in London was an enjoyable 2 days with an excellent lineup of speakers that generated a very critical and forward thinking discussion to the relationship between media-technologies, Architectural Design, media-content design, and the increasing possibilities of interaction that they can provide. While the conference itself was not focused specifically on interaction, I was pleased to see it being discussed in all the panels to varying degrees by people including Joachim Sauter (GER) of Art+Com , Andrew Shoben (UK) of Greyworld, Rogier van der Heide (NL) of Arup, Jan Edler(GER), of Realities United and Els Vermang (BE) of LA[bau] to name just a few. At the beginning of the second day of the conference, I began the Image/Architecture panel hosted by Kathrin Kur of flunk  by talking about the fundamental aspects of interaction, and historical precedents in architecture, and then followed it up with I have to admit a rather muddled explanation of more contemporary research. Since the event was crammed full of good stuff I’m going to take a few days to cover the panels. My congratulations to the whole team who organised event and a special thanks to Peter, Kathrin and Gernot for inviting me to participate.


  1. James

    Its interesting to see all the things that are happening in the architectural world. As an a freshman architect student, i find encouragement in my studies by reading about such conference.

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