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DfPI newsletter #1

DfPI newsletter #1

Applications for the Masters in Design for Performance & Interaction at IALab have exceeded all expectation and the standard of submissions has been really impressive. We thought in the build up to the new course we’d begin a monthly newsletter and show what goes on at IALab month by month. Also keep up to date with what we’re doing on Twitter, Facebook, and we just started an Instagram account too. Any questions about the programme? Please don’t hesitate to contact us


Collaboration: New Movement Collective

We’ve begun a two year collaboration with one of London’s most cutting edge dance company, the New Movement Collective. We’ll be exploring the use of prosthetic devices to control the motion of dancers, giving audiences the power to manipulate dancers live on stage. Over the summer we’ll be developing some initial “air muscle” suits that act as an exoskeleton around the performers bodies.

Installation: Sonic Pendulum – Yuri Suzuki

DfPI tutor Yuri Suzuki has just released his “Sonic Pendulum” sound installation in which artificial intelligence imagines and materialises an endless soundscape. The structure is made up of 30 pendulums which – while gently modulating the sound coming from speakers through a doppler effect – are also a visual representation of a dream: a systematised mess, with moments of order emerging from the chaos.

For more details check out coverage of the work on Dezeen, Creative Applications & Cool Hunting

Work in Progress: IRIS

We’re in the middle of an installation build this week with a project developed at IALab with our long time collaborators Marshmallow Laser Feast. IRIS is a digital art installation examining the spatial perceptual & interaction opportunities of robotically manipulated laser arrays. The Installation uses these technologies to create mesmerizing volumes out of light, inside the theatre space and will dazzle the audience with its ever changing performance. Over the weeks, the assembly took place at IALab, where students were included and able to see first hand the build up of a public installation. In case you were wondering what happens after studying with us here is the example of one of our former graduates, currently working at MLF.

Ruairi Glynn and Håvard Tveito at The Lowry, Manchester

Assembly of IRIS hardware at IALab” alt=”” width=”564″ />

Some of the intitial laser tests in the studio where we started to explore the choreography for the Lowry Theatre.

Resonate Festival

All of our students and staff attended the Resonate Festival in Belgrade. The festival provides an overview of the state of the art in the fields of electronic music, visual arts and digital culture. Many artists, academics and technologists presented work including two of our graduates Ava Aghakouchak and Maria Paneta. They presented their masters project ‘Sarotis‘, which attracted a lot of attention from international magazines and is being widely exhibited. Our Lab always aims to develop students career opportunities by promoting their work while and after studying with us.

Lectures in Pool / Kinoteka

Keynote Lecture by Gene Kogan, artist and a programmer

Live Music at Dom Omladine

Experimental Electronic Music played late into the night

Event: Puppetry x Robotics

IALab brought internationally renowned puppeteer Stephen Mottram to present his exquisite “Parachute” Performance. MUST SEE TRAILER  And then a panel discussion followed on the intersection between puppetry and robotics, with talks from artists and researchers working between these fields. Videos of these talks will be online soon and we’ll share links in our next newsletter.

Residency: The Hum

Amy Croft, artist-in-residence at the Interactive Architecture Lab, funded by The Leverhulme Trust is hosting a series of events over throughout 2017. The first of these held in March titled ‘Inventing Sensations’ was a public panel discussion looking at ways lab based experiments within the brain sciences, are being critically explored through art, design, architecture and dance to create embodied, performed and experiential encounters. On one hand, the title ‘Inventing Sensations’ refers to a common laboratory practice: of controlling environmental stimulus to objectively map and measure a subject’s physical and cognitive reactions. Yet simultaneously, it points towards a potential future that knowledge from the brain sciences could unlock: a world of trans-realities, of environmentally or technologically enhanced emotions, sensations and movements. Amy Croft’s Website

Publication: Download Fabricate Book

Fabricate is a triennial international conference bringing together pioneers in design and making within architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials technology and computation. In 2011 Ruairi Glynn and Prof Bob Sheil founded the Conference at the Bartlett. In 2014 we held our second conference in ETH Zurich and this April our third at the University of Stuttgart with Prof Achim Menges. In the spirit of open source knowledge we have placed the conference proceedings online for FREE DOWNLOAD.

The 2017 edition of Fabricate features 32 illustrated articles on built projects and works in progress from academia and practice, including contributions from leading practices such as Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, Arup, and Ron Arad, and from world-renowned institutions including ICD Stuttgart, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton University, The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) and the Architectural Association. Flickr Gallery | Conference Website

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