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Party Dress – Dana & Karla Karwas

  • On January 29, 2008

dana karwas

Party Dress by Dana Karwas and Karla Karwas is a roving performance that is part living architecture: part monumental fashion. It functions as a pavilion worn exclusively by five women that seamlessly injects architecture into fashion by using the body as space.

dana karwas

The dress begins as a shared, bustled garment that gradually unfolds to create a temporary, inhabitable structure. Each seam, each dress, and each body are interconnected by a single, amorphous surface of flowing material.

dana karwas

With room for spectators beneath the fabric, Party Dress flirts with traditional concepts of public and private space while adding sparkling wit to the conversation between fashion and architecture. Party Dress works across multiple scales and environments, unraveling conventional notions of space, materiality, and temporality.

dana karwas

Party Dress is part of seamless v.3 fashion show at the Boston Museum of Science on January 30, 2008 at 8pm.
Via Networked Performance


  1. Steve

    really cool execution of an interesting idea

    do the models just hang out there for hours while people browse around under their dress???

  2. Yeah looks like it

  3. man that is pretty freaky …

    wicked though!

  4. Stephanie

    The unique play on a structure as simple as a tent is facinating. Its a very original idea and i really like the intermixing of fashion and architecture. All arts overlap, this just emphasizes that fact.

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