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Passive Dynamic Motion

Passive Dynamic Motion

In cooperation with Fang Han and Dr Christopher Leung, the paper Passive Dynamic Motion about Interactive Architecture Lab project Passive Deployable Canopy has been published and presented at DADA 2015 digital architectural conference held in Tongji University, Shanghai on 4-5 July 2015.

Download PDF Here Passive Dynamic Motion


This paper investigates the application of passive dynamic motion in an architectural context. Through a design project for a deployable canopy, we present strategies to operate its movable elements with passive responses to more than one environmental condition. The principle of the “heat-motor” to exploit thermal-to-mechanical energy conversion is used. The materials and construction of the canopy together with the transition logic for each environmental response is described. A user override to the passive response is described, its implications for resolving potential conflicts between an automatic response and occupant preference is discussed. The implication for applying passive actuation strategies within a wider architectural context is discussed.

Keywords. Passive systems; smart materials; deployable architecture; environmental response; occupant control

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