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Primal Graphics – Jim Campbell

  • On December 20, 2005

This is an Installation that was at Battery Park in New York a while ago by Jim Campbell whose website has dozens of his installation works that play with light, movement and ideas about memory.

“In Primal Graphics, a shadowy figure runs across an empty field. Up close, it is apparent that the lifelike movement is the result of pulsating lights, the screen is actually a 10 x 13 foot grid composed of 192 light bulbs. To create this work, Campbell recorded his subject in digital video, a medium that converts live action to millions of pixels; the artist then reduced the number of pixels until the image reached the verge of perceptibility, leaving just enough data to retain the outlines of reality.”

Jim Campbell also placed 168 Light Bulbs, in a matrix for the entrance of Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interactive Architecture with low-fi lighting systems have a special aesthetic that you don’t find in the new hypersurface technologies on the market

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