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Rem Koolhaas & IDEO – Interactive dressing rooms

  • On August 6, 2005

IDEO Project Details

In December 2001 the Italian haute couturier Prada opened its groundbreaking new “epicenter” store in New York City, designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. IDEO, working with Koolhaas and his architecture and research firm OMA/AMO, created the invisible technology that allows Prada staff members to choreograph the in-store sales experience.

interactive architecture

The interactive dressing rooms augment the experience of trying on clothes for the customer and enhances the relationship between the sales assistant and the customer. It is presented as a simple eight-foot-square glass booth. One wall forms the door, which the customer can make opaque for privacy during changing or clear to show off a garment to someone outside the booth. Another wall incorporates a “magic mirror,” a camera and display that adds a four-second delay so the customer can spin around and view all sides of the garment. The opposite wall has two interactive closets, one for hanging clothes and one with shelves. Sensors in the closets detect the electronic tags on store items and trigger a touch screen that displays the item and its related information, from availability to permutations of color, fabric, and size

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