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Roots – Roman Kirschner

  • On October 22, 2007

My recent work has been influenced a great deal by the work of Cybernetican Gordon Pask (1928-1996)  from his interactive installations to his work with Architects Cedric Price, John Fazer and Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte. Its always interesting to see how Pask’s work continues to inspire a range of contemporary art work so I was inteersted to find out from Network Performance about Roots (2005-06) by Roman Kirschner. Roots is a world with a fluid atmosphere in a glass tank. Dark crystals grow trying to make connections. Constellations develop. They generate sound. And after some time they dissolve into clouds.The installation is based on the model of a chemical computers devloped by Pask.

Electricity is pulsed through the whole Sculpture. It is the key to the constant transformation. Growth changes the flow of the current. The modified flow changes the growth. Software and Hardware leave the next step to the material. The voltages at each wire are put through a resonance filter and thus transformed into sound. The 4/4 pulse results in a sublime rhythm. Movie of Roots (QT 10,73MB) This piece will be presented as part of Nature [of Man] exhibition.


  1. Åsmund Gamlesæter

    An earlier project Dendrite by Pablo Miranda Carranza also explored the same concept.

  2. Hey Asmund thanks for the tip. Yep theres a whole history of artist/engineers looking to find something in these mystic techniques. Lovely stuff

  3. Desmond

    I love the idea of this artwork..magnificent…but what I would also like to know is how you got your artowork to be in exhibit in galleries.

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