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Simplicity Project – Interview with John Maeda

  • On January 21, 2006

Sascha Pohflepp, a Digital Arist, blogger for plugimi and wmmna and writer for de:bug magazine, has recently interviewed John Maeda about the Simplicity project. If you don’t already know of John Maeda then I highly recommend you get to know about him. Hes a Professor at MIT who descibes himself as a visual artist / computer scientist. He writes regularily about Simplicity in designing for the future.

In some distant future, might having a luxury life mean having a very non-digital life, less technology and less features?

Well, I mean it’s kind of a paradox. We all want simple things when we start, but when we live longer with it, we want more. So it really is about how to design things that are able to change. People have talked for years about adaptable interfaces and so forth – it hasn’t happened yet. But when that happens… (Read Full Article)

If your interested in John Maeda’s work I highly recommend his Book Creative Code which shows the work of Maeda and his students from the last seven years of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at MIT

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